Neglected Mustang Finds Perfect BFF In Rescue Donkey She Met At Sanctuary.


When Clare Staples first laid eyes on Dream in July 2018, she couldn’t help but tear up.

Clare is the founder and president of Skydog Sanctuary, whose locations in California and Colorado provide a forever home for wild mustangs and burros rescued from mistreatment. There, she vowed to give the horse the life she deserved — and a reason to trust humans again.

When Dream first arrived at the ranch, she had trouble walking, and her bones stuck out against her skin. But despite her condition, Clare knew her spirit hadn’t been broken.

“You could see how weak she was, but you could see a tiny spark of life in her eyes,” Clare said. “And that little light just grew and grew and grew every day.”

Dream began waiting at the edge of her paddock each morning to greet Clare and other volunteers. While Clare has been rescuing horses for years, she says she’s never felt so connected to another animal.

Six months and a lot of care later, Dream had made an incredible transformation! Not only had she put on weight, but her sweet, goofy personality began shining through.

“To watch her come back to life from near death has been a privilege,” Clare wrote. “Honestly most everyone who meets her starts crying because it’s a very emotional thing to stand in her presence and know what she has endured. She is our hero.”

The horse’s new life only got better when she met Joe Pesci the donkey, a fellow rescue. From that moment on, the two were inseparable. As Clare puts it, Dream fell “madly in love,” playing with her new companion every chance she got!

When Dream first came to the ranch, she was afraid, lonely, and weary. But these days, she couldn’t be happier now that she’s found her soulmate!

Thanks to Clare and the Skydog team, Dream is living the dream! You can help them save more animals by donating here.

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