These adorable twin boys bring joy online through their viral Instagram account


These two social media darlings are twinning their way into our hearts and those of their 30,000 followers on Instagram.

Justin and Marcel Jackson, who are 20 months old, have been online since they were a month old, according to their mother, MaHogany Jackson, 23. The two brothers have been fashionable since day one and can often be seen posing in the latest styles, matching outfits and, of course, the biggest smiles.

“We [were surprised when] we started really just taking off,” said MaHogany Jackson. “It’s fun to engage with them and we have rarely been met with any negativity.”

Apprehensive at first to start sharing her twins online, it was her husband, Justin Marcel Jackson, 24, a former pastor, who said the boys bring so much positivity and he wanted to share it with others.

“I was really nervous because, as you know, social media can be [bad], but it’s been a part of my entire life pretty much,” MaHogany Jackson said. “[Our] goals were really just to bring people joy through our photos and videos.”

The Jackson family can be found posting regularly on Instagram and sharing family vlogs through their YouTube page. The most recent video features the boys’ first haircut.

The family, who recently moved to Atlanta, calls their followers “family” and are happy that the boys can bring so much joy, especially during troubling times.

“There’s so many people who [comment] like, ‘I can’t have kids, this really blesses and encourages me, my kids are grown and this brings me joy,'” said MaHogany Jackson. “People that were sick or in the hospital said it was motivation and brings them joy.”

While looking cute in matching outfits, the twins have their own unique personalities, said Jackson.

“I would say they’re like night and day, but they’re the perfect team and their personalities complement each other,” said MaHogany Jackson, who added that Marcel is outspoken and Justin just likes to cuddle.

In the future, Jackson said she hopes that this page will help bring the boys endless opportunities and that the family can use it to look back on precious memories. Nonetheless, she said she’ll support them no matter what they want to do with the page when they’re older.

“I would have it no other way. I love two sets of kisses and two sets of hugs, and two sets of personalities,” said MaHogany Jackson. “It makes you day. No matter what you’re going through, they really brighten up your day, honestly.”